Entering India

The 3 Things You Must Do if You Want to Establish Your Brand in India

  1. Think Sophisticated - Appreciate the Adopters

    Many hospital chains and several multi-speciality medical cities in India pride themselves as centers of excellent medical service. This is bolstered even more by the fact that medical tourism has grown in the country so much so that hospital chains feel encouraged to make relevant investments in improving their facilities. These improvements have hence been enjoyed by affluent Indians numbering about 16 million and the 1.3 million medical tourists from other countries who flew to India for medical attention in 2012. Thanks to being early adopters, these medical institutions can quickly cater to the needs of their patients whether these patients be locals or foreigners.

  2. Think Efficient - Target States not Country

    Consider, however, that medical tourism is concentrated in several states thereby creating specialised medical cities. To be more efficient overall, a better strategy when entering India is to aim to be present in one or more states preferred by your market as their destination for medical concerns. It is better to be present in a well-known medical city assuring you of the chance to tap your market than spread your resources too thinly, unable to optimize your investments.

  3. Think Integrity - Seek Good Partners

    The way to establish credibility is to build strong relationships with trusted local distributors. However, it is likewise important to know that none of the distributors are strong throughout the India. Therefore it is necessary to assess the suitability of a candidate to your requirements. What is your product? What are your targets? Who among these prospects will help you get what you need to be done? Consider their location, their strategy and how they match your expectations and your service. In addition, it is also advisable to do the registration process independently and not give out exclusive rights. In this way, you’re more able to screen your partners more carefully.

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